sabato 28 maggio 2011

Manchester United annihilated, Barcelona European Champions!

Barcelona - Manchester United, 3-1. Great game, great players. Great Barça.
Their superiority was astounding, they never let the opposing team to catch a breath. Messi was a devil. Pep Guardiola can be honored to say that he was there tonight at the Wembley Stadium and he was the coach of such a great football team. The English Manchester couldn't stand a chanche. Kudos to Rooney, player that tried...but Itagaki said he couldn't.

28' Pedro
56' Messi
71' Villa

Manchester United
36' Rooney

venerdì 27 maggio 2011

Head of FIFA suspected of corruption

The head of FIFA Joseph Blatter ends under inquiry. FIFA has in fact launched an internal investigation to determine the ethical behavior of its President, in relation to a case of corruption. The hearing is scheduled for May 29.

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

About two years ago...

... Barcelona and Manchester United played the final of the 2008-2009 edition of the Champions' League. The date was May 27th of 2009, which means that tomorrow will be exactly two years after the victory of Barça, so to hype ourselves a bit in view of Saturday night, here are the highlights of the final of two years ago:

Fiat new sponsor of the Italy

The FIAT, after years of proximity to the world of football with Juventus, will become official sponsor of the Italian national team, with a double purpose.

Surely one of them is to give visibility to the brand in view of future events such as the 2012 European and World Football cups in 2014, while the other one is to point out the Italian membership of the house.
Also because of the World Cup in Brazil everything will be even more strategic, due to the strong interests that FIAT has in the yellow-green country.

mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

Kid football team coach arrested for paedophilia

Livio Volpi, a 41 years old man ex-coach of an amateur soccer team near San Siro, was arrested for the crime of paedophilia.
The investigations begun in the 2009, after he had began to lure five boys, all around 14 years old, after the training sessions.
With one of those he had had an intimate relationship for a short time; with the other ones Volpi had begun to exchange messages and videos with the webcam. "I'd like to do it live" and "Are you in your bedroom?", he was used to ask to the young boys.

As the rumours on the coach begun to spread, the kids told everything to their mothers, who  reported Livio Volpi to the police. In his computer were found  all the incriminated conversations and the text messages exchanged with the kids. 

When the agents went to his house, he said he didn't expect to be arrested.

By Volturno Caravaggio

martedì 24 maggio 2011

Pirlo signing with Juventus!

Andrea Pirlo, one of the symbols of Milan during the last decade, has signed today a 3-year contract with Juventus, thus ending his adventure in the rossoneri. This morning, the player has successfully completed a medical, after which in the site of his new team appeared the news of the agreement. Thus a new era opens in the career of Pirlo, who has recently also regained a place in the Italy national.

FC Barcelona anticipates the volcanic ashes

A few days ago, an Icelandic volcano has erupted, bringing to mind the similar events in about a year ago, when half of Europe's airports were blocked by ash from a particularly intense eruption. At that time, Barcelona had to play against Inter in Milan, and was forced into a grueling bus trip through Spain, France and parts of Italy to compete in the match, which ended with the victory of their opponents. Today, however, history does not repeat itself, because Guardiola has ordered the immediate departure by airplane for England, where the final of the Champions' League will be held on Saturday night. The show so it's safe, and so is the competitiveness of Barcelona... Now we just have to wait until Saturday!

Pep Guardiola leaving Barcelona?!

It is very strange to read such a thing, yet it seems that Guardiola could be the future new coach of AS Roma. The idea was born after the words of James Pallotta, co-owner of AS Roma and number two of the new president DiBenedetto, who stated "After the Champions' final we'll talk about the market. And the fans giallorossi will be happy"; and as the only possible connection between the coach of AS Roma and the Champions' League final is Guardiola... let's wait for Saturday night and enjoy the match, and then we'll see.

Italy national football team, players called up!

Italian national coach has called up 25 players who will face two major football matches: one against Estonia, which will be held on June 3rd, and the other one against Ireland, which will be held on June 7th.
Only the first one, though, has true importance: whereas the match against Ireland is a friendly one, the match against Estonia is for the qualifying in Euro 2012.

Buffon (Juventus), Sirigu (Palermo), Viviano (Bologna)

Astori (Cagliari), Balzaretti (Palermo), Cassani (Palermo), Chiellini (Juventus), Criscito (Genoa), Gamberini (Fiorentina), Maggio (Napoli), Ranocchia (Inter)

Aquilani (Juventus), Marchisio (Juventus), Montolivo (Fiorentina), Thiago Motta (Inter), Nocerino (Palermo), Palombo (Sampdoria), Pirlo (Milan)

Balotelli (Manchester City), Cassano (Milan), Gilardino (Fiorentina), Giovinco (Parma), Matri (Juventus), Pazzini (Inter), Rossi (Villarreal).

By Volturno Caravaggio

lunedì 23 maggio 2011

The King of AS Roma is not dead!

Yesterday Francesco Totti, captain of AS Roma, scored the first goal that brought his team to the victory against Sampdoria. This brought to my memory another match against Sampdoria, during which Totti scored an awesome goal; here it is, enjoy it:

Resume of the results of the Serie A league

Milan: Champion

Inter, Napoli: In Champion's League

Udinese: preliminary of Champion's League

Roma, Lazio, Palermo: Europa League

By Esmeraldo Petrarca